Savannah, Georgia

This really isn’t a small trip, but not a full-blown vacation either.  This is my birthday trip.  I was still in school for my actual birthday so we had to wait until after finals.  I came to Savannah for a visit with my mom back in 2012, and fell in love with the place.  So…the Mister and I are here in 2017.


We got to town and checked into our hotel early afternoon on Wednesday.   After unpacking, we headed to downtown Savannah.  We walked around, took pix where Forrest Gump sat on his bench (the bench is no longer there), walked down to Forsyth Park to take pix, went down River Street, and early evening we finally landed at Moon River Brewing.

They have a beer garden and are pet-friendly.  Man!  I am sure there were AT LEAST a dozen well-behaved dogs sitting around with their owners while the owners had a drink and a bite to eat.

The service was non-existent at the bar when Tim went to get us a drink for our wait for our table, but our table server, Jordan, was very friendly and pretty attentive.   The place was full.

On our way home we stopped at a liquor store and scored some of our favorite…MUSCADINE WINE!

Thursday we headed out to Tybee Island.  On the way we stopped by Old Fort Jackson  first.

Two Tims 2

After Fort Jackson, we went to the Oatland Wildlife Center.  It was surprisingly cool as we walked the shady paths from one animal exhibit to another.  In addition to the cougar exhibit, they had a wolf exhibit, and the only way to watch them was behind a glass wall of a peaceful, darkened cabin, while sitting on a bench.  They were constantly on the move (until they weren’t…when they hid over in the grass to lie down), so didn’t get a great pic of them.



At first the wolves were just sleeping, but then the gray wolf got up and started pestering the black wolves so they all started roaming around and ALMOST playing…but they were hot.   So after a few minutes they found some more shade to lay in and went back to sleep.

We went to the Tybee Lighthouse first, but we didn’t go up inside.  We have gone in SO MANY lighthouses by now, that we decided to just walk through the gift shop and I took some pix of the lighthouse itself which is really all I wanted.


After the lighthouse, we stopped by Fannie’s On the Beach, to have appetizers and a drink.  The food was SO GOOD and the view was great from their upstairs deck.  The servers (downstairs bar – Blaire; upstairs deck – Thomas) were very friendly and fast.

We went for an after-dinner walk on the beach.  I collected shells and we also walked to the end of the pier.  We got there on time to watch a guy pull in a small shark.  I think someone said it was a sand shark.  He let me touch it, and then he threw it back into the ocean.


Friday we took the girls and walked around Bonaventure Cemetery.  It’s still early in the season so some of the grounds were still very dry and sparse looking, but the older “historic” part was pretty cool.


After Bonaventure, we parked the car and walked around Savannah.

The girls were EXHAUSTED after running around town in the steamy heat all day.

After sightseeing, we went back to the hotel, got cleaned up, and then met our group at Johnson Square for the Haunted Pub Crawl!

Our host, C.J. Smith, showed us a great time!  We heard some entertaining stories and hit four bars.  After the last bar, we went next door to Bay Street Blues to sing karaoke.  We finally got back to the hotel around 3a.m.  Whew!

OK.  Saturday. Last day here.  We planned and executed a wonderful day of lazy walking around town.  Stopped for coffee THREE times because coffee is awesome…and I got a couple drinks to go because Drinks to Go are awesome 🙂

I met James Pringle in the park.  James makes roses and flowers from palm fronds and they are beautiful.  He also sings like an angel and has a speaking voice like James Earl Jones.  If I lived in Savannah, I would pack a lunch and a book and sit next to him on the park bench all day 🙂


I wanted to redo my Forsyth Park pix, so the Mister dropped me off at the park and then he circled to find a parking spot.  I did my pic, and on my way to the car I met Eimir Bobonis, a trumpeter who hails from Puerto Rico.


The park is awesome in the evening.  There are people walking around, musicians playing, and … apparently people learning to box LOL.

Forsyth Park

Our last evening meal, I found a locals’ place called Southside Shellfish…what a great fresh seafood dive!  We both got the Low Country Boil, added blue crab, and it was AMAZING!  So tasty and SO MUCH FOOD!

Until next time, Savannah…I can’t wait to come back!


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