Millstream Gardens, Fredericktown, MO

We did a day trip on the motorcycle to Millstream Gardens Conservation Area  just outside of Fredericktown, Missouri, today.

We rode down to Caledonia first and stopped at the Old Country Mercantile for a frappe, and then up the street to the Caledonia Wine Cottage  for a drink and I got a sandwich (the Italian).  It didn’t have meat, which I don’t usually go for, but it was really good!  It had tomato, pesto, mozzarella…I can’t remember what all.  It was served with creamy (and delicious) cucumber salad.  I think it was only about $6.00.  They didn’t have a big selection of wines left because apparently there was a murder-mystery or something and a lot of people were drinking wine.  I had some peach wine, brand unknown to me, and it was decent.

Getting to Millstream Gardens was a little sketchy since it was down a LONG gravel road (probably not nearly as long as it seemed on the bike).  But it was worth it.

Here are a couple of the best pix I took of the kayaking we saw.



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