Small Trips with Tim and Chris


We are a husband and wife who love to just get out there, mostly on our motorcycle.  We like to go for day trips and find things to see, just experience a new road, and usually find a dive for a meal.  Sometimes we don’t find a dive, but a bonafide cool place to eat with great food and ambiance.  We always go for ambiance!  Chris LOVES wineries, and Tim likes brewpubs/microbreweries.

So, enjoy our Small Trips, and sometimes we throw in regular vacations, too.  And, whenever we travel by our little yellow car, our two babies (really Chris’s two babies), Lupi and Bella, travel right along with us.BellaLupi

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Tim and Christina have been married for a little over 30 years, having been high school sweethearts.  They have two children, three grandchildren, two chihuahuas, and a shared love of motorcycles and travel.  Tim is the writer, Chris is the photographer.

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