West Plains, Missouri

There’s a really cool little town in south-central Missouri called West Plains.  Porter Waggoner hails from there, and has a major thoroughfare named for him.

Other than Porter Waggoner, the area is well known for its mills.

Last October we took a three-day trip to West Plains.  We trailered the motorcycle, took the chihuahuas, and stayed at a Route-66-type motel, literally The West Plains Motel.  Our room was very large, very clean, and, most important to me, very reasonably priced.

We got there early afternoon so the first day we headed south on the bike to Mammoth Springs, AR.  We toured the park, and then went across the street to have a late lunch/early supper at the Riverbend Restaurant.  It was a dry county, so I didn’t have wine with my meal.  The food wasn’t spectacular, but it was tasty.  They are doing construction right on the roadway , so the view will probably be better once they’re done with that.

We stayed two more days, one day going west and one day going east, seeing the mills, eating FABULOUS trout at Rockbridge Trout Farm, went to the Assumption Abbey monastery in Ava, Missouri, for fruit cake (yes, my hubby loves that stuff), and I took a lot of photos.  We even saw the wild horses near Eminence!  There were only three of them, a mare and two weanlings.  I opined that they were twins, but several people on the Wild Horse Facebook page tell me she was probably just “babysitting” one of them.

One of the best stops we made, though, was at Falling Springs.  It’s a little sketchy getting there on the dirt/gravel road, but oh so worth it!  Do NOT go to the area without stopping at Falling Springs!


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